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How to take care of your teeth

Are you afraid of visiting the best dental implant clinic in Dubai for the best veneers in Dubai or all over the world?  If yes, then dear you need to take of your teeth a lot. 

Teeth is an important part of body. Your 50 percent or half of the digestion depend on these two sets of teeth that you have in your mouth. Your mouth is closed part of body. Therefore, it is not that easy to protect it or take care of it. But the ray of light is everywhere. 

There are many ways to keep your teeth healthy and fine. But some of them are the easiest ways. These ways are:

  1. Milk: It keeps enamel and jaws strong because of having calcium and other minerals which are necessary for the strength of bones and teeth. It is necessary to have a  cup of milk every day to keep your mouth strong. 
  2. Vegetables and fruits: Fruits and apples are rich in minerals and different vitamins that clean the teeth, keep plaque away and make enamel strong. They protect your gums and jaws from damage. Have at least salad and two fruits a day to have guarantee that your teeth will remain strong. 
  3. Tea: So,  tea lovers,  don’t keep mug aside with the fear of having weak or yellow teeth because black and green tea have polyphenols. It is a compound that slows the bacteria which are responsible for cavities and gum damage. University of Illinois researched about it that rinsing mouth with black tea is more effective than rinsing with water to reduce plaque. 
  4. Raisins: Raisins are sugar free,  seriously! In fact they have phytochemicals. These are super substances that kill bacteria that cause cavity and plaque. These chemicals even reduce or minimize the growth of such bacteria that cause damage to gums. 
  5. Celery: Celery has vitamins and antioxidants that make the air fresh in your mouth and keep teeth away from gum damage causing bacteria and plaque. It is the best as toothpaste. You can even have it with cheese to make it healthier for teeth. 
  6. Almonds and nuts: These nuts and almonds have a lot of calcium and proteins which are necessary keeping the jaws strong and healthy. Have at least handful of them everyday to keep their roots firm and stable.

Yoghurt: Plain yoghurt is source of calcium and proteins. You can get numerous probiotics from it due to which your teeth will have good bacteria more than bad bacteria. Good bacteria will stick to your teeth and keep them healthy. They keep them away from plaque and damage.