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What you should know while decorating your new apartment?

There are apartments for rent in jvc and each of them are affordable!

There is jumeirah village circle villa for sale and it is very luxurious!

These are advertisements which we read almost daily and only a few of them attract us because these advertisers don’t know that we really want in actual life.

We humans do not want luxury apartments and bank balance. We want easiness and smartness in work and decorating homes.

Decorating a home or apartment is tough but it is tougher if you do not know the basics of decoration.

There are basics of everything and basics or core points of decorating an apartment are:

  • Style: Style is look that what do you want your home look like? Whether you want it to look traditional, casual or modern or mixture of any two or all? It is up-to you. It is better to go for casual style for smaller homes and traditional look for bigger homes. You can mix all of them if your home is medium sized. But do remember that your arrangement should match with style otherwise your house will look too odd.
  • Color scheme: Select colors according to the size of your place. Select light colours to make your home look casual and decent. You can go for dark colors to make traditional style rhythm-full. Besides this, you have option of mixing both dark and light colors. You can paint one wall with dark colour and remaining walls can be painted with light colors. It will make house look modern, casual and simple.
  • Space planning: You should know about palace planning to make home spacy and open. To do this, you can place most of furniture in the centre of house or at focal point. In this way, you will get space in renting area of the place. Besides this, you can place furniture in corner to keep center of the room empty where you can place carpet.
  • Usefulness: Always add the feature of usefulness in your home. Add numerous tables, chairs, and carpets in whole house to utilize every part of it you can place them in corner to utilize the most useful part of your house. Besides them, add holders and racks too to make life easier and relaxing.

Windows and balcony: Openness is very important. Therefore, build windows and balcony in your new apartment to make it feel open and relaxing place for you and your family.