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What to buy for a new born baby

Babies are love. They bring a lot of joy and happiness in the surroundings. Their small size and rare cute smiles are love and life for everyone. But is love important for them only or we need to do something to welcome them in this world.

Yes of course we need to prepare to welcome them. Hence, we need to buy numerous things for them, but some of them are:

Clothes: They are first and foremost important thing to buy. Buy small sized a lot of clothes for them. You can search for maternity clothes Dubai too before shopping for them because this will help you and give you variety that what you can buy and what are variety in maternity shopping malls nowadays. Buy shirts, one clothed rompers, socks and mattress in which you can carry them. Buy caps and clothes for all water because they are very sensitive to hot and cold.

Bed: You heed to buy small bed or a cot from them where your baby can sleep and have fun with you. The cot should be comfortable otherwise they would have difficulty. Buy a wooden cot because it improves growth and it is comfortable. Cover the base of it with Cindy bed sheets and tiny mattresses to make it very comfy for your child.

Feeders and milk: Buy large cartons of milk and cute two to three feeders for them because they will need it daily or you will have to go out to buy milk for them regularly; therefore, it is better to buy once but a big bag of it and numerous bottles to use. Always wash the bottle before and after feeding them. Wash them with warm water because warm water removes more germs and dirt. It works as cleaning agent. And also keep milk in cooling place otherwise it will get smelly and you cannot give them.

Tub and toys: You cannot give them shower in your giant bathtub. That’s why you need to buy a small tub for them which you can fit on basin and give them bath or you have to manage to give them bath on basin without any support of rough surface. The advantage of buying tub is that it’s surface is rough due to which a mother can handle the child easily. You can also bath time toys for them as well to keep them engaged in playing so that you can give them shower or apply soap and shampoo without any resistance from their side.

So, these are following things which you need to buy to welcome your child. Try to buy all of them before labour. And also mothers, buy maternity active wear for yourself too!