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Weirdest Gifts Ever Received By Celebrities

People try to give gifts that are special and unique but there are people who have given such weird and strange gifts that made history in its own way. And when it comes to royals who gift each other things that are state of the art an are very expensive. Gifting between royal families show a symbol of status quo and every family tries to give a big gift to another. But at one time, Queen Elizabeth II received the strangest gift on her wedding day. It was sent by an unknown person saying that he was his previous guard of honor.

Queen Elizabeth has so many animal gifts that she could open a zoo of her own and these were sent by different big shots from all over the world and some of people were her fans too. President Bush once received a comodo dragon as a symbol of power. Vladimir Putin got a puppy in the meeting by the Bulgarian President. Vladimir Putin is a very much animal lover and he has strict punishments for abusing the animals. China has a big name for reserving Pandas and they gift to different Presidents off and on. In 2013, President of Mali gifted expensive camels to President of France which he later ate them.

Celebrities have been famous for gifting their lovers or spouses with expensive things or take them to romantic destinations. But the weirdest gift was given by Kanye West to Kim Kardashian on her birthday. Since, she is a big fan of Burger King, to make sure that she gets as many burgers she wants. Kanye West bought 10 franchises for of Burger King for her and took the concept of gifting to a whole new level. Celebrities can be weird at times, Ryan Reynolds got the super weird gift from Scarlet Johansson. She gave him her wisdom tooth dipped in gold with a necklace. Even after bearing all the pain, her relationship ended after some years.

In 1969, Richard Burton gave his wife Elizabeth Taylor, a diamond worth of 69 carats which after 10 years later she auctioned it for $5 million. She did this to build a hospital in Botswana and she said, ‘They need one badly and I certainly don’t need another ring’. As weird as some things may sound, another weird thing included human skin as a gift. A crook named James Allen was brought to justice and when he got released. He wrote a book for his criminal activities in his own skin and gifted it to the duty officer who investigated his case and everyone thought he was innocent. This book is placed in Boston Athenaeum. But you can gift normal things to people by sending gift delivery in Abu Dhabi where you can get fruit bouquet in Dubai as well.