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Types of waterproofing

There are many types of waterproofing, each one having their own set of perks. Contractors of roof waterproofing Dubai offer all the available types of waterproofing methods that are out there. They can also help you out with combo roof waterproofing. In case you want to get your roof water proofed and you want to know about the many options available for you, then you must continue to read this article. In this article we have mentioned brief detail about all these types so that you can make up your mind accordingly. These types are listed below in this article.

Cemented water proofing

Perhaps one of the most easy and most common types of water proofing is the cemented water proofing. The reason for this type of water proofing being so easy is that the material that is needed for this type that is the cement is very easily available everywhere. And the reason for it being the most common is that the material is also very cheap so that everyone can afford it. It is not as strong as the other types this is why it is used for interior spaces where it is not directly exposed to sunlight.

Liquid waterproofing membrane

Yet another type of water proofing is the liquid water proofing membrane. In this type of water proofing a liquid coating is spread around the area of application. The liquid coating is generally composed of two layers that is the primer coat and the top coat. This liquid coating is then spread all over using a spray or it can also be applied with the help of a roller. It is a rather flexible type of coat as compared to the cemented water proofing.

Bituminous coating water proofing

Another type of water proofing is the bituminous coating water proofing. This type of water proofing is usually done on a surface of concrete. The reason is that this coating works the best of a concrete or cemented surface. This type of water proofing coating is also generally known as the asphalt coating in the market.