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Sharjah’s top 10 Architectural companies

Sharjah is the place where you can get hundreds of architectural companies and all of them are A-one in architecture and construction. Scroll down to get more info about architecture and architecture companies in Sharjah!


  • ae:
    From 3D designing to decorating the villas by using gypsum frames and residential designing, provides exceptional services of architectural designs, drawings, construction, house plans, floor plans and many others.
  • Claudio Modola Design:
    This award-winning company can fulfill all of your wants within the budget by providing you the services of Bathroom designs, green building, drafting, staircase design, space planning and many others to ensure perfection in research work and all prjects whether they are architectural or related to interior design.
  • We Design Middle East:
    It can design your home into contemporary style so well that you would not think of changing it because this international company uses the skills of project management, sustainable design and many other to change the look according to space and focal point.
  • Ions Design-Dubai:
    It is the leading company in interior design which can renovate and craft your luxury apartments and villas from A to Z.
  • Platinum House:
    The group of interior designing and architectural companies is always ready to do some creativity with your homes by using their principles of space planning, landscaping and home automation to make the place WOW.
  • CDS Architectural and Interior Design:
    An acclaimed company provides assistance from bid documents to project management. Besides this, CDS, with the experience of more than 24 years, drafts the floor to make the kitchen and laundry easy to use and bathroom a synonym of luxuriousness in the house that can be described as PERFECT within your budget by monitoring it constantly.
  • XYZ Designers:
    By applying their multicultural understandings and technical experience, workers at XYZ Designers have created award-winning projects by giving importance to commercial space planning, urban planning and simplicity.
  • Naga Architects:
    By guiding the clients about feasibility, architectural design and interior design, Naga begins their work to meet all expectations of them by remodelling the kitchen and lightening to make the home energy-efficient whose construction drop jaws of everyone.
  • Nigel Eckersall:
    Nigel Eckersall has expertise in designing and constructing offices and workplaces in such a way that everyone would have space to relax himself or herself while putting feet on floor which is created according to the wishes of client.
  • Middle East Architecture Network (MEAN):
    If you want some computational element in your home or workplace, then give your project to MEAN because they can add robotics, VR and AR in your home which they can design via 3D printing.

So, these are top companies in Sharjah. Consult any of them and get the best result!