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Important ballet terms

When the viewers watch beautiful and graceful dances on the stage they get lost in the magic and not a lot of them dwell on the details. They probably don’t even know that you have been practicing not hours not days but years to excel that one move. Just like every subject have its own language and terminologies, so do ballet. Here are some terms that every ballet dancer must know:

  • The Barre

Barre refers to the early stages of practice that every beginner goes through. There are two kinds of barre. The first one is the long wooden railing that children use for support in their early days to perform some poses. The beginning practice is also known as the barre which later proceeds into proper training where children move to the centre of the studio and perform their routines.

  • Turn out

Turnout is the very first positions that beginners learn and the reason behind this is that turnout is a very technical position that defies the human posture and if it is not practiced and performed accurately than it can lead to injuries and knee straining. Basically this position is about joining the heels of both feet together in such a way that it forms a 180 degree angle in such unnatural position the ballet performers must buy ballet shoes so that their feet are protected.

  • Plie

Plie is also one of the first exercises that most dancers learn in their beginning stage. Plie literally means to bend. So when a ballet dancer bends it’s not the usual but instead their knees open outwardly in a different kind of bend. The real reason of plie exercise is to loosen up the muscles and tendons found in joints so that it can be used for more flexibility and different positions.

  • Battement

Battement is such a widely used term that it is not explained to beginners anymore because its meaning is understood. Battement in general refers to the movement of legs which is done with the leg wide open or bent. There are usually two types of battement, one is grand battement and the other is the petite battement.

If you are interested in ballet then just go ahead and buy ballet leotard and get started with your practice, what is stopping you?