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How to Make a Safe – A Step by Step Guide

Do it yourself things have been always been interesting and it makes people clever. Making things by yourself is fun for kids to keep them busy for hours. This can be a lesson for children and make them independent for making things and in this way, they can value that thing more because they put their effort and time. Teaching children to value their things is important and show them ways to keep it safe as well. People buy piggy banks for their kids to put their part of money in it to buy things when the bank is full and to keep the piggy bank safe as well. You can teach them to make piggy banks and safe by cardboards or by clay.

Making safes with clay can be messy so, to keep things easy and neat, read this article to learn how to make safes with cardboard. But make sure to keep the kids under supervision while working because to make it, you will need scissors and glue. Glue can be dangerous because kids can sometimes eat glue and it is very harmful. Let’s see the list of things you will need to make it; cardboard of at least 60×90 cm, the size of the cardboard depends how much big you want. 2-meter PVC tube with the diameter of 13mm. The diameter and length can increase depending upon the size of cardboard, 3 pop sticks, glue sticks or regular glue, ruler, compass, pencil, cutter, brush.

Now, cut 4 circles of 40 mm and 1 of 30 mm and cut a rectangle of 13×270 mm. This will be the inner layer and for outer layer cut it 2 inches extra. Make small holes with a pencil or the cutter in the cut-out rectangle and circles. Now cut out the PVC tubes depending upon the size of the inner and outer layer of the safe. These tubes will help in making the safe strong. Write 1 to counting on all of the cut-out circles, now glue them up all together in a shape of a box and your masterpiece is complete.

You can buy DIY office safes for sale for kids which they can put together and make a theme. Other than this, cabinets are also considered safe which have a key. You can buy the best office filling cabinets in Dubai.