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Amazing things to try out in the desert

Deserts have always been the attraction of many people around the world but in previous years it will be very difficult for a person to travel through a desert. People will go through a desert only when they need to travel for their work or for very important work but now people travel through them for enjoyment. It is possible due to technology and so many ease in the travelling. People will go there and then spend few hours to enjoy the open space and sand of the morning safari Dubai. People will usually go there in the evening because evening travelling has many benefits some of them are as follows:

Sunset: The biggest benefit is that people can see sunset there. In the cities where big and huge buildings are now present, it is very difficult to see the sun clearly. People will go there to see the sun clearly and to take pictures in that beautiful orange light of sun.

Belly dancing: You will get the chance to see the belly dancing of the Arab girls who are professionals to do that. They will entertain you will you are having your sips of hot Gehwa and sweet dates. There is certain duration of this dancing so you should not miss that in doing other things. When they call for the dancing in the tent then you should go there and enjoy.

Camel rides: Usually it will take place during the day but sometimes they also offer camel rides in the evening too when they have some camels there. You can ask for this ride when you go for booking and if you are fond of camel ride then you can request them to make them available but you have to pay some extra for that.

Dinner: You will get amazing dinner in evening desert safari Dubai and the best thing is that you will not have to pay extra as price of this dinner is added in your charges that you have to pay in advance. In this dinner you will get different dishes like you will get the roasted camel meat, rice and also the vegetables. These vegetables are cooked without meat so that vegetarian people can eat them easily without any hesitation. You will also get bar-b-que there.