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How to clean digital devices

If it was not for cell phones, laptops and other digital devices, it would have been literally impossible for anyone to survive this pandemic. Before this virus attack, we would go about blocking people and saying that we don’t need the world, but when the world decided to grant our wishes, everyone knew how much the connections and world means to us. And everyone in this era should thank the inventors of these digital devices.

How Do Digital Devices Save People?

Because of these devices, people who became jobless, they got jobs online and CEOs shifted their businesses online. But just like everything, these devices also get a lot dirty. Health experts have shown different tests while rubbing a wet cotton bud on a phone’s screen and showing it on the microscope the amounts of bacteria and germs a device can have. And that is why you need to keep all your devices clean and sanitized.

Of course, you will not be washing them in the water but there are different ways to do it or you can ask the companies who provide villa deep cleaning services in Dubai, they can take care of your stuff and clean it but we have added our two cents about cleaning.

  1. Cleaning Products: the first thing you should know that there are specific cleaning agents made for digital devices, specially for your laptop. There are small air blowers that can clean the insides of the laptop as well and the vents of the laptop. There are wet cleaning products as well that you have to use carefully as instructed and you have to buy a special kind of cloth for to wipe it clean as well.
  2. Use Cotton Bud or Earbuds: cotton buds and ear buds are the two names of the same thing. What you can do is wet the cotton bud is sanitizer and start cleaning between the keys of the keyboards. And as for the phone, you can get a lint free cloth and just damp and get all the water from the cloth (it should be half dry) and then clean the screen of the phone.
  3. Cleaning the Listening Side of the Cell Phone: use the cotton buds without wetting it and clean it again and again from different cotton buds to see if there is any wax or dust left.

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