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Things to consider before buying a credit card machine

If you have just started up or business or your business just started growing and you need a credit card machine as more of your customers are demanding it, you might be thinking to apply for a credit card machine. But before contacting credit card machine providers in UAE, you should be aware of what are the prerequisites of buying a machine and what is there that you need to know. So here are some of the facts that you should consider before bringing a change in your business:

Willingness to open a merchant account:

If you want the access to the online payment gateway in UAE then you should bear in mind that only buying a credit card machine is not going to work. For this purpose you must be willing to open a merchant account. A merchant account will help you out in transactions of the credit and debit cards. You also must know that every merchant account has its own policies and conditions that you must consider before opting out the one.

Machine that fits your business:

Credit and debit cards and their machines are not jack of all trades. There are different types of machines and credit and debit cards. Each machine has its own different suit with your business. You should learn about these machines and know which sort of machine will suit your business the more. This way the convenience that you are offering your customers would not become a headache for you.


Before buying anything like we calculate the costs of it so does it apply to the credit card machine. Buying a machine might be expensive option. If you are thinking to lease a machine in order to reduce some expenses you are actually wrong. This way you will have to pay even more in the life time than buying your own machine. Plus, apart for the once in a life time buying equipment are the different fees attached to it like monthly fees, compliance fees, transactions fees, etc.


The security of your customer is on the top priority. Therefore, before a credit card machine you must check if it is safe and secure or not. The card does not only contain amount but all of your customer’s data. There are many different privacy regulation bodies under which your data is protected along with end to end encryption. This does not only applies to customers but you too. All your transactions should be safe and secure.