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Xerox 2121 Fax!

 The Xerox 2121 Fax is truly an incredible unit. The Xerox 2121 fax delivers copies at a fast 21 copies per minute! Also, the Xerox 2121 Fax Machine has the ability to forward faxes to e-mails or FTP Sites! The Xerox 2121 Fax has a 35 sheet document feeder! Incredible efficiency! The Xerox 2121 Fax also has a standard 251 sheet capacity! Now thats production! The Xerox 2121 Fax also has network printing and scanning with the netowrk option (extra). The Xerox 2121 Fax has standard scan to e-mail to your desktop (in color)! Amazing! the Xerox 2121 Fax has a 3 second page transmission... Want more versatility? How about 
  • Convert paper documents into digital files that you can edit, index, and archive with powerful scanning software!
Want more? The Xerox 2121 Fax also has functionality like adding an extra 500 sheet tray!
  If you have any questions about the Xerox 2121 Fax, please call us at (888) 794-2679 to speak to one of our knowledgeable Xerox Fax Machine customer associates. 

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Xerox FC2121 Fax, Copy, Print, Scan

Quick Facts

  • 33.6 Kbps modem and JBIG compression for fax transmission of as fast as 3 seconds per page
  • Two fax lines on FaxCentre 2121L model
  • Fax resolution: up to 300 x 300 dpi
  • Forward faxes to email or FTP site
  • Fax directly from your PC
  • 35-sheet Automatic Document Feeder
  • Standard paper capacity: 251 sheets
  • Maximum paper capacity: 751 sheets
  • up to 21 ppm
  • Network printing and scanning with Ethernet optional
  • Print and copy resolution: up to 600 x 600 dpi
  • Scan to email and to your desktop in color
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 16.9 x 20.9 x 20.9 in. (430 x 530 x 530 mm)

Competitive Edge

  • Faster print and copy speed than competitive products
  • Two line capability is not offered by competitive products
  • LAN fax feature is not offered by competitive products
  • Scan software (ScanSoft® PaperPort® and OmniPage®) for converting hard copies into digital files is not offered by competitive products
  • Scan to email feature is not offered by some competitive products
  • More secure fax mailboxes than competitive products - some have no secure mail boxes at all
  • More department codes than competitive products - many have no department codes at all
  • PCL® and PostScript® emulation options are not offered by competitive products
  • Scan into JPEG file is not offered by competitive products
  • ScanSoft OmniPage is the industry benchmark for document conversion software - competitor offerings don't measure up

Features that Save Time

  • High-speed fax of as fast as 3 seconds per page reduces call duration - faxes can also be sent in color
  • Fast copy and print speeds of up to 21 ppm keeps productivity high
  • Send and receive simultaneously with two fax lines on the FaxCentre 2121L
  • Route faxes to your email automatically for easy distribution, archiving, or access while you're out of the office

Features that Enhance Value

  • Advanced fax features come standard such as Fax Forward to Email and FTP sites, and faxing direct from your PC
  • Scan documents in color directly to an email address or directly to your PC
  • Convert paper documents into digital files that you can edit, index, and archive with powerful scanning software
  • High quality output of prints, copies, and faxes because of outstanding laser technology

Features that Improve Efficiency

  • Boost productivity and add value to your business with a faster, more reliable, and more advanced device than your old stand-alone fax machine
  • Reduce operating costs and service calls by consolidating several devices into one
  • High paper capacity of up to 751 sheets can support large projects and high daily volumes
  • Alpha-numeric keypad speeds use of email, address books, security features, speed dial programming, and more

Model Configurations

  • Standard functions: Fax, Print, Copy, Scan
  • Print speed: up to 21 ppm
  • Fax transmission speed: As fast as 3 seconds per page
  • Two lines: No
  • Fax features: Secure Fax, Secure Mailbox, Polling, Fax Forward to FTP and Email, Send Color Fax, Memory Receive, Auto Fit to Paper Size
  • Print resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Print features: Smoothing, Margin Shift, N-Up, Envelopes, Toner Saver Mode
  • Copy resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Copy features: Collation, Zoom in 1% increments
  • Scan destinations: Scan to Email, Scan to Desktop
  • Device memory: 64 MB SD RAM
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Optional 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • Maximum duty cycle: Up to 10,000 pages / month


  • Fax options: Walk-Up Fax (33.6 Kbps with JBIG Compression), Internet Fax
  • Data compression: JBIG, MMR/MR/MH (JPEG for color fax transmission)
  • Fax resolutionBlack-and-White Standard (100 x 200 dpi) Fine (200 x 200 dpi) Super Fine (400 x 200 dpi) Photo Mode (200 x 200 dpi)Color Standard (100 x 100 dpi) Fine (200 x 200 dpi) Super Fine (300 x 300 dpi)
  • Halftones: 256 levels
  • Fax memory: 8 MB (500 pages of ITU-T chart 1 with standard resolution)
  • Security features: 32 mailboxes (1 public, 31 private password-protected), Up to 98 User Codes
  • Capability: Compatibility: ITU T.37 Memory Receive: Yes (receive faxes while printing other jobs)
  • Dialing: Up to 500 Speed / 32 Group Dial, 26 One-Touch Dials


  • First-page-out time, printing: As fast as 13 seconds
  • Printer drivers: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Print memory (standard): 32 MB standard
  • Connectivity: Connectivity
  • Language support: GDI, Optional PCL5e/PCL®6 emulations, compatible with PostScript® 3™


  • First-page-out time, copying: As fast as 19 seconds
  • Reduce/Enlarge: 25 – 400% in 1% increments
  • Productivity features: Scan One Print Many
  • Multiple copies: 1 to 99


  • Scan destinations: Scan to Email, Scan to Desktop
  • Scan software bundle: Bundled OCR software (ScanSoft PaperPort® SE, ScanSoft OmniPage®)
  • Capability: TWAIN, Color Scan Capable
  • Scan resolution: Optical: 300 x 300 dpi / 600 x 600 interpolated


  • Network Protocols: SMTP, SMTP Authentication
  • Email file formats: Format Black-and-White: TIFF and PDF Format Color: JPEG

Device Management

  • Device management features: Companion Pro
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