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Sharp AR-507 Digital Copier
     (The Sharp AR 507 Copier!)
The Sharp AR-507 Copier advanced digital document system is designed to deliver the ideal solution for front office applications: high-speed digital copying, the capability to add professional finishing, productive workgroup printing and efficient network scanning. And with the Sharp AR 507 copier original software, you can do more than you ever imagined—right from the convenience of your desktop!

With a variety of advanced features, modularity, and a choice of networkable print controllers and scanners, the Sharp AR-507 Copier will manage your workflow more efficiently than you ever thought possible. And with Sharp’s long history of reliability and performance, you’ll get the innovative technology you need today—and the versatility you want tomorrow.
 Sharp AR 507 Digital Copier, Sharp AR-507, sharp 507, Sharp Ar-m507, Sharp ARm507, Sharp Ar-m507, sharp copiers, sharp digital copiers, sharp digital photocopiers
Sharp AR 507 Consumer report
Sharp AR-507 Digital Copier Specifications

Sharp AR-507 Digital Copier Performance
Monthy Volume Up To 200,000 Copies Per Month!
Highest B/W Copy Speed! 50 Copies Per Minute!
Auto Document Feeder! YES!
Demensions 23 5/8"(W) x 27 9/16"(D) x 29
Reduction and Enlargement 25%-400%!!
Auto Sorter! YES!
Stand Included! YES! In package price!
Duplex! YES! Standard

Sharp AR-507 Digital Copier Document Handling
Digital Laser Copier YES!
Network Ready YES! With Network Card
Offset Stacking (Sort)  YES!
600 DPI Digital Laser Copier YES!
Zoom Lens  25%-800% in 1% Increments.
(Two) 500 Sheet Paper Trays  YES! Can get up to 5,000 Sheets!!
Auto Exposure YES!
Copy Sizes 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" to 11" X 17"
Monthly volume Up To 200,000
Point & Touch LCD YES!
Standard paper trays (2) 500 Sheet Drawers also 100 Sheet Bypass Unit: Upgrade to 5,000!
Automatic document feeder  YES!
Collation Type Offset Stacking Yes!
Memory 4.3 GB!
MS Windows ALL and Mac OS  Yes!
 Prints Letter Size 43 A Minute!
Resolution: 600 DPI Quality
Sharp AR-507 Digital Copier Print Capabilities
Hard Drive 4.3 GB!! Incredible!!
Windows 3.1/3.11 Windows
95/98 Windows NT 4.0 Macintosh OS 7.5 and higher

Protocols Novell IPX/SPX Unix TCP/IP (LPD)Apple Ethertalk Phase II)
Print Drivers Support Windows 3.1/3.11 (PCL5e/6/PS2)
                                         Windows 95/98 (PCL5e/6/PS2)
                                         Windows NT 4.0 (PCL5e/6/PS2)
                                         Machintosh OS 7.5 and higher
                                         (only PS2)
Hardware Platforms BM PC/AT and compatibles
                                         Macintosh 680x0 series, Power
                                         Macintosh (includes compatibles)
Resident Fonts PCL 45/Postscript 35
Standard Memory 16MB Std; 80 MB Max.

Sharp AR-507 Digital Copier Supply Prices
Toner Type Cartridge: Price: $59.99   Yield:25,000