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Ricoh Aficio C307 Color Copier

Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
  • The Ricoh MP C307 Color Copier has an optional Document Feeder! (The biggest in the world!) and among other output capabilities network printing (Standard!) and advanced Scan functionality's and Network Scan comes standard on the Ricoh C307 Color Copier series. The Ricoh MPC307 Color Copier can duplex (2-sided)! That's not all! The Ricoh C307 Color Copier scans the documents 32 sheets per minute!!  The Ricoh C307 Copier also has a 320GB hard drive! The Ricoh C307 Color Copier can also scan 3000 documents like a virtual filing cabinet for easy retrieval for re-prints, re-fax, and distribution quickly and easily...The Ricoh C307 Color Copier also has applications for IPhone and IPad Print. This will save you time, effort and money! But that's just the beginning! Imagine scanning a document on the Ricoh MPC307 Copier to a USB or SD Card and take it with you! The Ricoh C307 Color Copier has easy to replace toner cartridges and is very affordable when it come to consumable costs! The Ricoh C307 Color Copier has standard (1) 250 sheet paper trays and a 100 sheet bypass for a total of 1350 sheets of paper supply! (The Ricoh C307 Color Copier can have a total of 1350 Sheets!) Truly incredible! There's More! The Ricoh C307 copier also has a 10.1" full color touchscreen with one touch scan and print features. Want more? How about an optional cabinet for storage or 500 sheet paper trays! With the Ricoh C307 color copier, you can add extras for your sorted packages! The Ricoh C307 color copier is truly incredible. Standard faxing on the Ricoh C307 color copier!  


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                                                                Ricoh C307 Color Copier Brochure



Ricoh MPC307 Color Copier Unit Comes Standard With:

    • Duplex Unit -Two Sided Copy
    • 14"Copy, Print, Scan!! (up to 14"!)
    • 1 X 250-sheet user-adjustable paper cassettes
    • 25% to 400% Reduction and Enlargement!
    • 100-sheet Stack Bypass
    • Standard Sorting
    • Standard Ethernet 1000 Base T
    • Standard Scan on Network & USB & SD Card!
    • Network Fax (Optional)
    • Standard USB 2.0 Port
    • 12" X 18" Maximum Paper Size
    • Ricoh MPC307 Color Copier Requires Toner/developer and 100 sheet Document Feeder and Stand!

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  Ricoh C307 Color Copier