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Panasonic UF 8200 Fax


Condition: Refurbished
Availability: In Stock

The Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine is a high-volume workstation fax designed to handle any busy office. With the Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine standard 550 sheet paper capacity, and the Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine 100-page Auto Document Feeder and 19ppm printer engine the Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine is built for productivity

The Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine comes equipped with all the features that every office needs. The Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine has built-in Network scanning and Internet Fax capabilities users can easily convert paper documents into electronic files. The Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine will send them to any Internet Fax capable device or Email address anywhere in the world!


The Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine has friendly features like the QWERTY keyboard for easy station programming, Backlit LCD display, 10,000 page all-in-one toner cartridge, large easy to pull out paper draw and advanced network device management software you can rest assured the Panasonic UF-8200 Fax will not be the bottleneck in your office! And above all the Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine has a standard 100 sheet auto document feeder! Call now for more information on the refurbished Panasonic 8200 Fax Machine.
Panasonic UF 8200 FaxClick here for the price on the Panasonic UF 8200 Fax
         Panasonic UF 8200 Fax



  Super high-speed scanning of 0.7 seconds per page
100-sheet standard Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
33.6 Fax with JBIG
550 sheet cassette expandable to 1,100 sheets
Network printing up to 19ppm
12MB standard memory (SD type memory cards up to 2GB capacity)
USB port standard
QWERTY keyboard
Standard Internet Fax / Email / Network Scanning
Optional 2nd G3 communication port (Dual line fax)
Document Management System software included
580 Auto-dialers expandable to 1,000 with optional SD memory card


General Functions of the Panasonic UF 8200 Fax Machine: title line
ADF Capacity 100 Sheets
Recording Paper Capacity 550 Sheet
Maximum Paper Capacity 1,100 Sheets
Power Requirements AC 120V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Max: Approximately 1000 W
Power Save Mode: 9.5 Wh
Sleep Mode: 4.5 Wh
Document Size Max: 8.5" x 78.7" with operators assistance 1
Min: 5.5" x 5.5"
Digital Copier Functions: title line
Image Memory Capacity Standard: 3 MB (180 pages)
Max: 2GB (12,750 pages) with optional SD Memory card
Network Scanner Functions: title line
Network Scanner Interface 10/100 Ethernet
Scanning Resolution Standard: 150 dpi x 150 dpi
Fine: 300 dpi x 300 dpi
Super Fine: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Scanning Speed Approximately 1.1 seconds (150 x 150 dpi)
Network Printer Functions: title line
Printer Interface USB 1.1 / 10/100 Ethernet
Printer Language Standard: Panasonic Printing System for Windows®
Paper Size Letter/ Legal/ A4
Printer Memory 32MB
Compatible Operating System Windows XP/2000/Server 2003/Vista
G3 Fax Functions: title line
G3 Fax Compatibility ITU-T Group 3, ECM
G3 Fax Transmission Speed 2 Approximately 2.7 seconds per page (letter size)
G3 Fax Scanning Resolution Standard: 203 dpi x 98 lpi (8 dots/mm x 3.85 lines/mm)
Fine: 203 dpi x 196 lpi (8 dots/mm x 7.7 lines/mm)
Super Fine: 406 dpi x 391 lpi (16 dots/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)
No. of Auto Dialers Standard: 580
Max: 1,000 with optional SD memory card (32MB to 2GB)
Coding Scheme MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
Number of Memory Job Files 50
Effective Scanning Width 8.34"
Scanning Speed 3 Approximately 0.7 seconds per page (letter)
Scan-to-Email / Internet Fax Functions: title line
Scan-to-Email Compatibility IETF RFC 2305, ITU-T T.37
Communication Protocol TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, MIME, DHCP, LDAP, SNMP/MIB
Data Format TIFF-FX (Profile S/FJ), PDF 4

1 Standard/Fine mode
2 Transmission time applies to memory transmission of text data using only ITU-T Image No.1 between the same models at maximum modem speed. Transmission time may vary in actual usage. Usually public telephone lines can only support communication speeds of 28.8 Kbps or lower. Via PBX, transmission speed may fall back to a lower speed.
3 Scanning speed applies to the feeding process from the top to the end of a single page test chart. The time for the feeding process does not include the time that it takes for the top edge of the page to reach the scanning point and page ejection. Time for entire storing process is not applied.
4 Internet Fax only supports TIFF-FX format.
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Panasonic UF 8200 Fax
Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine