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Direct Source Copiers is the America’s original Panasonic fax machine source. Panasonic fax machines are rated one of the top fax machine performers in America today. Panasonic fax machines are capable of many sophisticated features like scanning and duplexing and network printing! We carry a wide range of affordable Panasonic fax machines from plain paper Panasonic fax machines to state of the art network Panasonic fax machines. After more than 10 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we know what it takes to earn your business. We’ve discounted all of our Panasonic fax machines to rock bottom pricing because we profit through high volume, not high markups. All Panasonic fax machines are brand new unless stated otherwise. Give us a call today and let us work with you to find the ideal solution to your fax machine needs!

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Sharp Copiers
Sharp AL 1630 Copier
Sharp AL 1641 Copier
Sharp AL 1651 Copier
Sharp AL 1661 Copier
Sharp AR 162s Copier
Sharp AR 164 Copier
Sharp AR M160 Copier
Sharp AR M205 Copier
Sharp AR M208 Copier
Sharp AR 235 Copier
Sharp AR 237 Copier
Sharp AR 275 Copier
Sharp AR 277 Copier
Sharp AR 507 Copier
Xerox Copiers
Xerox M15 Copier
Xerox M15i Copier
Xerox 412 Copier
Xerox 416 Copier
Xerox 423 Copier
Xerox 428 Copier
Panasonic Copiers
Panasonic 150A Copier
Panasonic 150FX Copier
Panasonic 1810P Copier
Panasonic 1810F Copier
Ricoh Copiers
Ricoh Aficio 1013 Copier
Ricoh Aficio 1013F Copier
Ricoh Aficio 1015 Copier
Ricoh Aficio 1018D Copier
Ricoh Aficio 1022 Copier
Ricoh Aficio 1027 Copier
Toshiba Copiers
Toahiba e-Studio 120 Copier
Toshiba e-Studio 150 Copier
Toshiba e-Studio 160 Copier
Toshiba e-Studio 200 Copier
Toshiba e-Studio 250 Copier
Toshiba e-Studio 28 Copier
Toshiba e-Studio 35 Copier
Copystar Copiers
Copystar CS 1500 Copier
Copystar CS 1510 Copier
Copystar CS 1810 Copier
Copystar CS 2030 Copier
Canon Copiers
Canon Image Class 2300
Canon Imagerunner 1310
Canon Imagerunner 1330
Canon Imagerunner 1370
Canon Imagerunner 1600
Canon Imagerunner 2000
Canon Imagerunner 2010
Canon Imagerunner 2200
Canon Imagerunner 3300
Canon Imagerunner 3300i
Minolta Copiers
Minolta DI 151 Copier
Minolta DI 152 Copier
Minolta DI 152F Copier
Minolta DI 183 Copier
Minolta 183F Copier
Minolta Di 200 Copier
Minolta Di 200f Copier
Minolta 251 Copier
Minolta 351 Copier
Minolta 351F Copier
Panasonic Fax Machines
Panasonic DX-800 Fax Machine                        $749 Disc
Panasonic UF-4500 Fax Machine                       $342
Panasonic UF-5500 Fax Machine                       $442
Panasonic UF-6200 Fax Machine                       $469
Panasonic UF-7200 Fax Machine                       $599
Panasonic UF-8200 Fax Machine                       $895
Panasonic DP-190 Fax Machine                         $979
Got a question about one of our Panasonic fax machines? Give us a call today and let our Panasonic fax machine experts help you make the decision that’s fits your needs. Call 888-794-2679 Now! 
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Put it on plastic and get the security you deserve when purchasing your next Panasonic Fax machine from Direct Source Copiers!