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Konica 7135 Copier

The Konica 7135 is an affordable, 35 page-per-minute digital multifunctional product. Designed for workgroup environments, the Konica 7135 delivers true 4-in-1 functionality with enhanced durability, higher image quality and a host of advanced options. Fully networkable, the Konica 7135 prints at 600 x 600 dpi with "Scan Once, Print Many" technology. Its intuitive, user-friendly and interactive touch screen provides easy access to all advanced features including scanto- email, scan-to-hard drive and scan-to-FTP functionality. Its strength is its versatility. The Konica 7135 Copier optional IP-422 print controller with standard network interface card, all new optional PostScript®3 kit and enhanced FK-102 Super G3 Fax Kit with standard JBIG compression adds convenience by allowing users to configure the multifunctional capabilities to meet their needs. The Konica 7135 copier sets a new standard for excellence in Workgroup Document Systems.
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  Konica 7135 Copier
• 30 ppm Printing / Copying
• 600 x 600 dpi Resolution
• Standard 32 MB Copier Memory
• Standard 64 MB Print Controller Memory
• Optional 2 GB Hard Drive (Required for Scanning)
• Optional IP-422 Print Controller with Standard Network Interface Card
• Up to 2,500-Sheet Paper Capacity
• Stamp, Watermark, Reserve Copy Job, 5 Copy Job Memory, One-Time Image Overlay

Konica 7135 Copier 

Konica 7135 Copier Performance

  Output Over Your Network
Connect the 7135 DI/OS Pro to the IP-423 print controller to enable seamless document production from any PC on your LAN. The IP-423 incorporates an Intel® Celeron® 300MHz processor to output at a steady 35 ppm.

Quality Imaging
While the 7135 DI/OS Pro comes standard equipped with an industry-standard PCL6-compatible page description language, an authentic Adobe PostScript 3 interpreter is available via the optional PS-345. This PDL offers the highest page interpretation capability and total support for PDF.

Web-Based Access
This Print Monitor Utility greatly improves office workflow. Remote users can print or check machine status over the Internet using the simplified graphical interface, changing the way you access your 7135 DI/OS Pro.

  High-Speed Input
The IP-423 print controller enables use of the scanning function (requires optional scanner kit). Using the RADF you can input mixed originals up to A3 size. Input is a convenient 35 sheets per minute for A4 size. The originals are converted to data and saved in memory. Then, from a connected PC, access the 7135 DI/OS Pro to retrieve the data for use in compiling documents for printout.

  Scan to FTP
This function effectively changes the way you manage and store documents. First, easily scan originals using either the platen or the RADF, or a combination of both. Then, select the file format you wish to save the data in, such as PDF or TIFF, and forward the file to your FTP server for downloading by any connected PC.

Scan to E-mail
Making use of the high-speed RADF and Konica's leading scanning technology, the 7135 DI/OS Pro efficiently inputs and sends e-mail of remarkable quality. Instead of having to retrieve scanned data to send from your PC, input the address in the LCD and send instantaneously.

Internet Fax
With the value-added IP-423 print controller connected to the 7135 DI/OS Pro, you can create and send faxes straight from your PC (requires optional fax kit FK-102). This allows you to cut down on unnecessary printing, while enabling better data management by saving important correspondence right on your desktop.

  Super G3 Faxing
Just plug in the optional module-type FK-102 fax kit and really take advantage of improved workflow over your network. Input documents at high speed using the RADF and transmit the data using the quick processing Super G3 format. This saves time and money by reducing transmission time.

Advanced Fax Functions
The 7135 DI/OS Pro realizes a variety of advanced fax functions that a conventional fax machine could only dream of. Easily fax 2-sided originals without first having to copy side B; fax copies of bound or awkward size materials straight from the platen; and fax mixed size originals all at once without worrying about misalignment.

  Easy Operation
All copy functions are available via the control panel, which features the large-size touch-screen LCD. The scan/print, fax and copy mode selector buttons have been placed conveniently at the top right of the panel.

Digital Editing
Sophisticated features allow you to customize documents created at the console as easily as if you were making them from scratch. Add a page number, set number or date/time for reference, or authenticate documents with a stamp or watermark.

Speedy Work
The 7135 DI/OS Pro can copy at a steady 35 copies per minute. It features a fast warm-up time of less than 45 seconds, and a super-quick response FCOT of less than 4.2 seconds.

Two-Sided Output
Using the standard ADU, the 7135 DI/OS Pro can quickly create two-sided documents, saving paper and reducing the size of large reports.

Toner Recycling
By detecting and returning unused toner, the 7135 DI/OS Pro saves resources and limits its impact on the environment.

Digital Toner
Featured in all DI/OS Pro models, Konica's polymerized Digital Toner reproduces fine lines and text in stunning clarity. And compared to pulverized toners, production of Konica's Digital Toner reduces emmisions of acid-rain causing CO2, NOx and SOx by about 40%.

  The optional multi-tray finisher FS-107 comes with 2 standard trays with options for up to 2 more trays. This modular finisher can off-set sort, group and staple in multiple positions, letting you easily create fully finished documents at the console or from your PC.

Konica 7135 Copier Specifications

Konica 7135 Main Specifications
Design Desk-top type (fixed original platen)
Reprographic system Laser electronic transfer
Acceptable originals Single sheets, books, 3-dimensional objects
Maximum original size A3
Copy size A3 - A5R
Reduction/enlargement 25 - 400% in 1% increments
Preset standard ratios 1:0.71, 1:0.82, 1:0.86, 1:1, 1:1.15, 1:1.22, 1:1.41, plus 3 user settings
Max. resolution 600 dpi
Memory 32MB (standard), 288MB max. (optional)
Copies per minute 35 (A4-size)
Continuous copying 1 - 999 copies
Copy paper Regular or special paper (off-set masters, transparencies, labels, etc.)
Warm-up time Less than 45 seconds (20¾C, 50% RH, 230V AC, 50Hz)*
First copy output time Approx. 4.2 seconds (A4-size)
Paper Supply 2 paper trays (500 + 500 sheets) + multi-sheet bypass (50 sheets)
Photosensitive diode OPC drum
Developing process Dry dual component, magnetic brush system
Fixing Heated roller fixing
Density control Automatic and manual, 9 levels with 2 user settings
Power requirements 230V AC, 50Hz (110V AC, 60Hz for Taiwan only)
Power consumption 1300W max. (fully equipped)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 590mm x 595mm x 730mm (main unit with DBU)
Weight Approx. 72kg (main unit only)
*Warm-up time may vary depending on power requirements.

DF-314 Automatic Document Feeder (optional)
Design Recirculating sheet-through type
Maximum original size A3 - B6 (35g/m2 - 130g/m2)
Original capacity 50 sheets
Power requirements 24V, 5V DC (supplied from main unit)
Power consumption Max. 100W

IP-423 Printer Kit (optional)
Design Internal type
CPU Intel® Celeron® 300A 300MHz
Memory capacity 64MB (standard), up to 128MB
Compatible OS Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP
Printer driver Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0 / Windows® 2000/XP
Processing speed 35 ppm at 600 x 600 dpi
Maximum resolution 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Interface Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX (standard)
Protocol TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk®

IP-011 Printer Kit (optional)
Design Internal, host base type
CPU D8401 with embedded PowerPC 401GF
Memory capacity 16MB (standard), up to 80MB
Compatible OS Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP
Printer driver Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0 / Windows® 2000/XP
Processing speed 30 ppm at 600 x 600 dpi
Maximum resolution 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Interface Ethernet 10Base-T, 100Base-TX
Protocol TCP/IP, IPX/SPX

FS-107 Finisher (optional)
Design Multi-tray type
Function Off-set sort, group, and staple (3 positions: 1 staple x 2 positions, 2 staples)
Copy paper size A3, B4, A4, B5, A5R, B6, 11" x 17", 8.5" x 14", 8.5" x 11", 5.5" x 8.5"R
Copy paper Plain paper
Paper capacit Standard 2-tray configuration:
Tray 1: 100
Tray 2: 1000
With 1 optional tray:
Tray 1: 100
Tray 2: 100
Tray 3: 600
With 2 optional trays:
Tray 1: 100
Tray 2: 100
Tray 3: 100
Tray 4: 100
Staple capacity 50 sheets (80g/m2 and up to 5mm total thickness)
Power requirements 24V DC, 5V DC (supplied from main unit)
Power consumption Max. 100W
Not all stapling positions are available for all paper sizes

FK-102 Fax Kit (optional)
Design Internal type
Transmission format Super G3
Transmission speed Approx. 3 seconds/page (28.8kbps)
Maximum paper size A3
Acceptable paper sizes A5 - A3
Line resolution 8 x 3.85/8 x 7.7/16 x 15.4 lines/mm
Modem transmission rate 33600/31200/28800/26400/24000/21600/19200/16800/14400/ 12000/9600/7200/4800/2400bps
Memory capacity Standard: 2MB; Upgrades up to 16MB (uses E-RDH memory on main unit)
One-touch dialing 40
Memory dialing 200
Group fax Yes
Fax/tel switching Automatic
ECM function ECM function

Scanner Kit for IP-423 (optional)
Acceptable original size A3, B4, A4, A4R, B5, B5R, A5, A5R, B6R
Scanning mechanism Fixed scanning using a CCD image sensor
Interface TWAIN
File format TIFF, PDF
Resolution 600, 400, 300, 200 dpi
Scanning speed 35 opm (600 or 400 dpi)
Compatible OS Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP
Protocol TCP/IP

IT-101 Inner Tray Unit (optional)
Design 2-tray type
Function Off-set sort and auto output by source
Copy paper size A3, B4, A4, B5, A5R, B6, 11" x 17", 8.5" x 14", 8.5" x 11", 5.5" x 8.5"R
Copy paper Plain paper
Paper capacity Upper tray: 50 sheets
Lower tray: 100 sheets
Power requirements 24V DC, 5V DC (supplied from main unit)
Power consumption Max. 6.5VA

Konica 7135 Copier Supply Prices

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Konica 7135 Copier