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Direct Source Copiers is the America’s original source for the leading brands of advanced digital copiers including Sharp Copiers, Canon Copiers, Toshiba Copiers, Ricoh Copiers, Panasonic Copiers and Minolta Copiers and more. After more than 10 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we know what it takes to earn your business. We’ve discounted all of our digital copiers to rock bottom pricing because we profit through high volume, not high markups. All digital copiers are brand new unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions regarding any of the digital copy machines we sell, please call (888) 794-2679 to speak to one of our knowledgeable copier sales associates. All of our associates are highly trained on all brands of digital copier machines and are not paid on commission. For information regarding copy machine warranties and service contracts please see our warranty information page or call (888) 794-2679, extension 103.



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Panasonic COPIERS

Sharp MX B201D  Copier            $475 
Sharp MX-M232D Copier               $1039
Sharp MX-M266N Copier               $2390

Xerox M15i                                        $755
Xerox C-20 Copier                            $725
Xerox M20 Copier                     $725

Panasonic DP-8020E  $899 Disc 
Panasonic DP 8025     $1499

Sharp MX-B402 Copier                   $2360
Sharp MX-M283 Copier                  $3749
Sharp MX-M354N Copier               $2199 (Disc)
Sharp MX-M365N Copier               $4675

Sharp MX-C312 Color Copier        $2899
Sharp MX-C301W Color Copier    $1395

Sharp MX 2616N Color Copier       $3199
Sharp MX 2615N Color Copier       $3599

Sharp MX 3115N Color Copier       $3899



Xerox M20i Copier                    $725
Xerox 3635 Copier                            $999

Xerox 4250 Copier                            $1825
Xerox WorkCentre 5222 Copier      $2599
Xerox WorkCentre 5225 Copier      $3499
Xerox WorkCentre 5030 Copier      $3199

Panasonic DP MC210 Copier         $1299
Panasonic DP-8035    $2895
Panasonic DP-8045    $3799
Panasonic DP 6530     $11,500

Ricoh Copiers
Toshiba Copiers

Ricoh Aficio MP201SPF Copier             $1059

Ricoh Aficio MP301SPF Copier             $1165
Ricoh Aficio MPC306 Color Copier      $1990
Ricoh Aficio MPC401SR Copier            $2990

Ricoh Aficio SP5200s Copier                 $1795
Ricoh Aficio SP5210SR Copier              $2750
Ricoh Aficio SP5210SF Copier              $2599

Ricoh Aficio MP2501SP Copier             $1899

Ricoh Aficio MP2554 Copier                  $2599
Ricoh Aficio MP2852 Copier                  $1999
Ricoh Aficio MP3352 Copier                  $2550

Ricoh Aficio MPC2004 Color Copier    $2990
Ricoh Aficio MPC2504 Color Copier    $3899
Ricoh Aficio MPC3004 Color Copier    $4490

Ricoh Aficio MP501SPF Copier            $2299
Ricoh Aficio MP601SPF Copier            $2990

Toshiba E-Studio 2007 Copier            $895
Toshiba E-Studio 2507 Copier                $1115

Toshiba E-Studio 257 Copier                  $1735

Toshiba E-Studio 306                               $2335
Toshiba E-Studio 2008A Copier             $3490
Toshiba E-Studio 2508A Copier             $3990
Toshiba E-Studio 3008A Copier             $4590
Toshiba E-Studio 3508A Copier             $4990

Toshiba EStudio 357 Copier                    $4990
Toshiba E-Studio 456 Copier                   $1500
Toshiba E-Studio 457 Copier                   $6490

Toshiba E-Studio 2051c Color Copier    $1799
Toshiba E-Studio 2040c Color Copier    $2999
Toshiba E-Studio 2540c Color Copier    $2222

Toshiba E-Studio 287CS Color Copier   $1150
Toshiba E-Studio 347CS Color Copier   $1435
Toshiba E-Studio 407CS Color Copier   $1975
Toshiba E-Studio 3040c Color Copier    $2735
Toshiba E-Studio 3540c Color Copier    $3619

Copystar CS 306CI Color Copier      $1199

Copystar CS 3010I Copier                 $2349 

Copystar CS 2552CI Color Copier    $3990

Copystar CS 406CI Color Copier      $2990



CANON Copiers

Canon Image Class 5950 Copier        $449

Canon Image Class 5960 Copier        $590

Canon ICD 1170 Copier                      $599

Canon ICD 1180 Copier                      $699


Minolta Bizhub 4050 Copier                 $1850
Minolta Bizhub 36   Copier                   $1450
Minolta Bizhub 224E Copier                 $2379

Minolta Bizhub 227 Copier                   $2395
Minolta Bizhub 287 Copier                   $2475
Minolta Bizhub 364E Copier                 $3725
Minolta Bizhub 423 Copier                   $4199


Samsung  M2885FW Copier        $299
Samsung CLX-6260FD
Copier    $749
Samsung SCX5935FN Copier       $765

Samsung M5370LX Copier    $2899

Samsung X4250LX Copier    $4899

Canon Imagerunner 1435i                   $749

Canon ICMF 810CDN Copier             $749
Canon ICMF 820CDN Copier             $829

Canon ImageRunner 1730IF               $1369

Canon Imagerunner C250IF                $2025
Canon ImageRunner 400IF                 $2219

Canon CNM-MF7460 Copier             $1295
Canon CNM-MF7470 Copier             $1325
Canon CNM-MF7480 Copier             $1889

Canon ImageRunner 2525                   $1125 
Canon ImageRunner 2530                   $1675
Canon ImageRunner 2535                   $1725
Canon ImageRunner 2535i                  $1725
Canon ImageRunner 2545                   $1800
Canon ImageRunner 2545i                  $1800
Canon ImageRunner C2550
Canon Imagerunner 4225 Copier        $3499
Canon Imagerunner 4245 Copier        $5399


Minolta Bizhub C35 Color Copier      $1744 (Disc)
Minolta Bizhub C3350 Color Copier  $1875

Minolta Bizhub C227 Color Copier    $2475

Minolta Bizhub C308 Color Copier    $3890
Minolta Bizhub C284 Color Copier    $4199
Minolta Bizhub C287 Color Copier    $4995

Minolta Bizhub C368 Color Copier    $4768






Samsung CLX 8540ND Copier    $2945
Samsung CLX 9250ND Copier    $4899
Samsung CLX 9350ND Copier    $6545







OKI Data Copiers   REFURB Copiers
Kyocera M2035 Copier        $575 Oki CX2731MFP Color Copier        $1099 NEC 797 Copier        $1885
Kyocera M2535 Copier        $625 Oki Data MPS3537MC Copier         $1850  
Kyocera M6526CDN           $1189 Oki Data MPS5502MB Copier         $2490  
Kyocera M6530CDN           $1395    
Kyocera M6026CIDN          $1625 Okidata ES8473MFP Copier             $3499  
Kyocera M6035CIDN          $1475    
Kyocera M6526CIDN          $1725 Oki CX-4545MFP Color Copier       $6399  
Kyocera M6535CIDN          $1610    
Kyocera FS-6525 Copier                     $1375    
Kyocera FS-6530 Copier                     $1665    
Kyocera FS-C8520 Copier                  $2165    
Kyocera FS-C8525 Copier                  $2975    
Kyocera Ecosys M3040IDN Copier     $1175    
Kyocera Ecosys M3540IDN Copier     $1340    
Kyocera Ecosys M3550IDN Copier     $1645    
Kyocera Ecosys M3560IDN Copier     $2275    
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